5 Mistakes to Avoid After a Slip and Fall

5 Mistakes to Avoid After a Slip and Fall

When injured in a slip and fall caused by someone else’s negligence, you are faced with many important decisions to make, both in the present moment and the long term. It’s hard to know when you’re making the right choices for your best chance at compensation for the accident, which is why the assistance of a personal injury attorney is crucial. However, to build the most promising case for compensation, you must know what to steer clear of. If you or a loved one is navigating insurance claims or legal action following a slip and fall, you should avoid:

Leaving the scene without gathering evidence. Evidence of the cause of a slip and fall is vital for making your best personal injury case. This could be through photos and videos, witnesses, and damaged clothing or belongings from the accident. If you have a witness(es), you must collect their contact information before you leave the premises.

Refusing medical treatment, even if you feel “fine.” You should always seek medical attention after a slip and fall even if it feels like there is no need. This could be through a hospital visit or an appointment with your doctor. Not only will this add credibility to your insurance claim or lawsuit, but it could prevent future injuries from occurring. Symptoms of serious physical trauma such as traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries may be delayed.

Failing to notify the property owner. Before you leave the scene of the accident, you must bring it to the attention of the premises’ owner or management. You should share only the vital information of what happened. 

Giving a recorded statement to your insurance company. The only necessary communication you should have with your insurance company is description of the accident. You should deny any requests from an insurance company for a recorded statement when making a claim, as they are skilled at using what you say against you.

Most importantly, handling everything on your own. Slip and falls can be traumatic, and navigating the claims or litigation process afterwards can be overwhelming. Regardless of the action you take following a slip and fall, a skilled personal injury attorney makes all the difference at ensuring a speedy and stress-free recovery. 

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