Personal Injuries

Our personal injury lawyers provide personalized and experienced legal counsel to clients in virtually any type of accident or injury that was caused by the negligence of someone else.
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Automobile Accidents

Automobile accidents are the leading cause of personal injuries in the United States.
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Drug and Device Litigation

Our personal injury lawyers provide personalized and experienced legal counsel to clients in virtually any type of accident or injury.
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Wrongful Death

Wrongful deaths are leading causes of death in the United States.
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Are you or any of your loved ones a victim of personal injury? This is a time of great distress as the carelessness or negligence of other people lead to injuries that could cause physical and psychological pain. For the case to stand in court, victims need to find an automobile accident attorney in Kansas City who can represent them and help them find justice.

For the Goss Law Firm, providing the legal representation for people who have become victims of negligence is not just a job – it is a calling. Clients are not just provided a car accident lawyer in Kansas City, they are offered personal advice and guidance so they can walk out of their pains.

Attorney Peter Goss has practiced personal injury and mass tart litigation throughout his career. He has secured compensation for victims of different personal injury cases. If you are a victim of a car accident, he is the car accident attorney in Kansas City that you can turn to.

Automobile Accidents

Automobile Accidents cause serious injuries. In Kansas City, authorities were alarmed at the rate of car accidents in 2017 that resulted to 98 traffic fatalities – the highest in the last 25 years. The most common cause for such accidents is driving under the influence, something that could be avoided.

To make sure that things are settled with as little hassle and money involved, insurance companies would simply let those injured sign settlement claims. The bad thing is, many people are swayed, thinking that hiring the services of an automobile accident lawyer in Kansas City will only put them through more pain.

Do not fall prey to the tactics of insurance companies. Call a car wreck lawyer in Kansas City and make sure that your rights are protected.

At Goss Law Firm, we can provide legal assistance and services for these:

Bicycling Accidents

Bicyclists face great risks while riding on city streets. If you met any of these accidents, we offer the assistance you need to hold any negligent driver fully accountable for the injuries that you suffered.  Mr. Goss is a reputable lawyer who helped victims with car accident compensation in Kansas City.

Bus/Train Accidents

Millions of commuters also face risks in taking the bus or train on a daily basis. If you or a loved one was seriously injured in any transit accident, let a car wreck attorney in Kansas City help you. Through his years of experience, Mr. Goss will make any auto accident lawsuit in Kansas City more bearable for the aggrieved party. Despite case merits being different, his track record shows he has helped hundreds of victims.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle riders, although they may have gears to protect them, still face great risks when they are on the road. If you met an accident and wants to have the other party fully accountable for any injury you suffered, find a motorcycle accident attorney in Kansas City who can represent you in court. This motorcycle accident lawyer in Kansas City can help you find justice, be properly compensated, and help keep these people from causing other accidents in the future.

Motor Vehicle/ Car Accidents

An automobile accident attorney can extend help when you become a victim of a motor or car accident. Through the expertise of Mr. Goss, several clients have been given the proper compensation for hospitalization and repairs, while other motorists were banned from driving so they will not cause others harm.

Pedestrian Accidents

Perhaps the most vulnerable people on the road, pedestrians often become hit and run victims. Other drivers who caused accidents on the road may extend some help but leave these all to the insurance providers. Such things need to stop. Car accident compensation in Kansas City needs to be fair and just and this is what a good personal injury will fight for.

Premises Liability/Slip & Fall Accidents

Properties have dangerous conditions that can cause serious physical injuries. Property owners can be charged if they fail to meet the duties the have under the law to maintain and keep their property safe. When a property is not kept in a safe condition and if anyone is injured inside it, they should be taken to court. The Goss Law Firm, P.C can help you and your loved ones hold property owners accountable for:

Drowning Accidents

Slip/ Trip&Fall Injuries

Carbon Monoxide Injuries

Animal Attacks/Dog Bites

Each year, at least 4.5 million people in the United States suffer from dog bite injuries and close to a million of these dog attacks need immediate medical attention. In some instances, reconstructive surgery is needed for these injuries.

Dog bite victims, while most are given support by the owners, may not really have enough to cover for the medical bills and other related treatments. Victims need to make sure that they are properly compensated so medical costs, revision surgery or disfigurement cost, lost wages, and other related sufferings will be compensated.

Semi-Trick / Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Various serious injuries on America’s roads are caused by semi-trucks and commercial vehicles. Drivers are constantly faced by the dangers posed by these giants on the road. In the number of accidents involving these vehicles, several victims simply agreed to settle because they are not sure that they can take the drivers and their companies to court.

The Goss Law Firm, P.C understand the complex situation that parties involve have to sort out. With our expert’s help, the complexities of the situation is discussed and the aggrieved party will get the just compensation.

18-Wheeler Accidents

Delivery Truck Accidents

Overloaded Trucks/Falling Debris

Poor Maintenance & Defective Equipment

Tired/Impaired Drivers

Tractor-Trailer Accidents

Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Nursing homes should be place where the elderly are properly cared for but from time to time, news of how abuse and neglect happen within these premises haunt generations. If your elderly parent or loved one is a victim of this, make sure that justice will be served.

Peter E. Goss has handled nursing home abuse and neglect claims in the past, not only for purposes of compensation but most importantly, to give the elderly and their loved ones the peace of mind and healing they deserve.

Pressure Sores

Decubitus Ulcers



Medical Malpractice

Doctors are people whom we trust our lives with but humans as they are, some mistakes could happen which could delay healing or cause serious physical injuries. Malpractice is devastating.

At this difficult time, The Goss Law Firm, P.C makes sure that families have enough assistance in taking legal action against the health care provider who caused the injuries. We make sure that legal matters are properly handled so the family can focus on healing.

Cerebral Palsy

Emergency Room Negligence

Improper/Inaccurate Medical Diagnosis

Labor & Delivery Errors

Prescription Errors

Surgical Errors

Fire/ Electrocution/ Explosion Litigation

Fires, explosions, and electrocution are accidents that are very rare but could cause very serious injuries and even death. This is a totally unexpected event that no family should go through.

If your family has to deal with this tragedy, we will help you find justice. Goss Law Firm, P.C will hire the best experts in the field so the scene is properly investigated and the causes of the event identified. We will see to it that your loved one who suffered serious injuries or died in the accident will be served justice.

Airplane/ Aviation Accidents

Airplanes are considered the safest mode of transportation but over the years, the world witness how even the safest falls down. Airplane and aviation crashes are complicated and draining and many families are unsure if their loved ones will be compensated for any injury, or be served justice in case of death.

The Goss Law Form, P.C. understands the victims and will hire experts needed to determine the cause of a crash so families will recover from the losses they sustained.

Insurance/Bad Faith Litigation

Insurance companies need to protect the insureds but there are times when they do not adhere to the duties they are given. In these instances, the victims have to endure loses, left hanging by their insurance providers.

Peter E. Goss is experienced in litigating insurance companies on behalf of those who were injured and those insureds in instances where the insurance company failed to perform their duties.

Boating/ATV Accidents

Lakes and farms are great destinations but these are also locations of different horrific accidents involving boats and all-terrain vehicles. In most of these accidents, victims suffer serious injuries and others have died because of these. Since boating and ATV accidents involve complex technical and insurance issues, the help of expert investigators and legal research are needed. The Goss Law Firm, P.C can give free consultation to families and loved ones of parties involved in these accidents.

Wrongful Death

A person’s passing is not very easy to accept but there are times when families have to deal with the fact that the death is due to negligence or misconduct.

With too many things to consider – funeral arrangements and meeting grief counselors – families may disregard their legal rights. The Goss Law Firm, P.C ensure these families that their legal rights are protected while they are in the process of grieving. If your loved one has passed as a result of negligence, give us a call and we will give you the assistance you deserve.

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A founding member of The Goss Law Firm P.C., attorney Peter Goss has practiced personal injury and mass tort litigation law throughout his professional career. Mr. Goss has secured compensation for victims of automobile collisions, slip and fall accidents, severe burn injuries, railroad accidents, and medical malpractice, as well as representing thousands of clients in mass tort litigation involving defective medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

Mr. Goss has been named “Best of the Bar” by the Kansas City Business Journal every year since 2009 and was selected as one of Kansas and Missouri’s “Super Lawyers” by Thomson Reuters in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 and 2055. Additionally, Mr. Goss was recognized as one of the Top 50 Super Lawyers in Kansas City and made the list of Top 100 Super Lawyers in Missouri & Kansas. Mr. Goss has been chosen by the National Trial Lawyers Association as one of Missouri’s Top 100 trial attorneys as well as one of its “Top 40 Under 40.” In 2012, Mr. Goss was recognized by Missouri Lawyers Weekly as one of Missouri’s “Up & Coming” attorneys.

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