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In Missouri, approximately 600 people are seriously injured and 200 people are killed in drunk driving crashes each year. Unfortunately, these tragic accidents can tear families apart, as loved ones are seriously injured or never return home, all because someone decided to drink and drive.

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Those responsible for these accidents need to be held accountable for the serious injuries or fatalities that they caused. The Goss Law Firm understands that this is an incredibly difficult time, and is here for you and your family. We will work tirelessly to help you obtain the justice you deserve, and treat you with compassion, dignity and respect.

Drunk Driving Statistics

    • Approximately 250 people die from drunk driving crashes in Missouri each year
    • Nearly 30% of car accident fatalities in Missouri are caused by drunk driving
    • Drunk driving is the number one cause of death on the roadways.
    • More than 300,000 drunk driving incidents occur every day in the United States
    • 29 people are killed by drunk driving every day
    • A drunk driver drives intoxicated approximately 80 times before receiving a DUI

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Timing is important, which is why you should call us after a drunk driving accident, before negotiating with the insurance companies We are here for you, and want to listen to your story and help you determine what the best course of action is during this difficult time. Give us a call today.

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Until it happens to you, you never understand the pressures and pains that come in the aftermath of a drunk driving accident. At the Goss Law Firm, we have seen those devastating effects firsthand. This knowledge fuels our compassion—and strengthens our resolve to guide victims and their families through difficult times.

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