Our priority is to secure justice for our clients to help them move forward with their lives after a serious injury. We work tirelessly to obtain the full compensation our clients deserve for their medical bills, missed time from work and pain and suffering. Nothing brings us greater joy and sense of purpose than helping injured people and their families get what they deserve.

Below is a track record of winning fair verdicts for our clients.

  • 100,000,000.00 +

    The experienced legal team at The Goss Law Firm, P.C. has successfully represented thousands of plaintiffs against medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers. The Goss Law Firm, P.C. consults with pharmaceutical and medical experts and thoroughly investigates your claim and puts your claim in the best position for trial or settlement.
  • $10,300,000.00

    The Goss Law Firm, P.C. legal team obtained a $10.3 Million settlement on behalf of a passenger in a motor vehicle that was struck by a tractor trailer.  Because of the settlement, the plaintiff can now afford life-long medical care and treatment for the injuries sustained.
  • $3,760,000.00

    Peter E. Goss of The Goss Law Firm, P.C. and associated counsel negotiated a settlement in a class-action case regarding failure to properly pay oil and gas royalties by an oil and gas company to Kansas landowners. The case was eventually settled before trial for $3,760,000.00 to compensate those farmers for their loses.
  • $350,000.00

    The Goss Law Firm successfully represented four children who were physically and emotionally abused by a former teacher at the Emporia State University-run daycare facility, the Center for Early Childhood Education. Despite numerous reports of child abuse by employees of ESU to their supervisor, no actions were taken to rectify the situation and the abuse continued. As a result of the trial, The Goss Law Firm obtained $350,000 for the families of the four children.
  • $1,000,000.00

    The defendant negligently drove through a crosswalk, striking our client and knocking her unconscious. The Goss Law Firm, P.C. was able to prove that the driver was negligent in the operation of her vehicle.  Nearby video surveillance was obtained by the legal team at The Goss Law Firm, P.C. that proved to be very useful in the case.
  • $1,000,000.00

    The experienced legal team at The Goss Law Firm, P.C. confidentially settled a negligent supervision case for $1,000,000.00. The defendant failed to adequately warn the client’s family of his son’s sexually aggressive behavior and failed to adequately protect the client from his son, resulting in client’s sexual molestation.
  • $565,000.00

    The plaintiff died of suffocation in front of her family at the hospital.  The Goss Law Firm’s legal team alleged the defendants’ failure to properly treat the hematoma that developed in her neck. A substantial settlement was obtained on behalf of the family.
  • $500,000.00

    Plaintiff suffered Salmonella poisoning at a local restaurant while eating breakfast with his family.  After the insurance company refused to pay, a lawsuit was filed and litigation ensued.  As a result, a confidential $500,000 settlement was obtained.
  • $425,000.00

    The plaintiff was struck by a cement truck after she turned onto a highway road in front of a cement truck.  It was able to be proven that the cement truck driver was exceeding the speed limit that ultimately caused the plaintiff’s death.  The Goss Law Firm, P.C. legal team obtained a favorable settlement for the decedent’s family.
  • $416,050.00

    Peter E. Goss of The Goss Law Firm, P.C. filed a lawsuit against the United States of America in the United States District Court for the District of Kansas on behalf of a motorcyclist struck by a government vehicle. After many months of discovery and litigation, the United States government agreed to resolve the case prior to trial for $416,050.15.
  • $265,000.00

    The Goss Law Firm, P.C. obtained a $265,000 settlement on behalf of a plaintiff who slipped and fell suffering a broken leg on a negligently maintained parking lot at the Kansas City airport.  After months of litigation, the case ultimately settled at mediation.