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If you have been injured in a car accident by a drunk driver, you may believe the drunk driver is the only one liable for the accident. Under Missouri law, when a driver becomes intoxicated, the restaurant or bar serving that driver might also be held accountable.

Dram Shop Laws

The term “Dram Shop” refers to any place that sells alcohol. The term typically includes bars and restaurants, though it may also include retail liquor stores and beverage distributors.

If a driver injures another person in a car accident after purchasing alcoholic beverages, the store, restaurant or bar, which sold alcohol to the driver may be held responsible.

While the intoxicated driver should be held accountable for actions leading to an accident or injury, other parties who contributed should share in the responsibility as well. Serving alcohol to a customer who is already visibly intoxicated, or willingly serving excessive amounts of alcohol to anyone, can easily put others at risk.

Evidence that could potentially help prove an establishment is liable may include:

    • Purchase receipts that indicate alcoholic purchases were made before the incident
    • Surveillance footage that records alcoholic purchases on an in-store security camera
    • Eyewitness testimony that suggests an establishment has served a visibly intoxicated driver

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