After a serious accident, you need the right attorney who can help you receive the compensation you need for your medical care, missed time from work and pain and suffering. If you choose the wrong lawyer, you are risking not receiving the care you need to recover and move forward with your life.

But how do you find the right lawyer for you?

Watch Peter Goss discuss the 5 factors to look for when choosing a Kansas City personal injury lawyer.

1) Experience

2) Results

3) Location

4) Client Reviews 

5) Free Consultations

At the Goss Law Firm, we help those who are injured every day.

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When you call, an experienced lawyer will listen to your story, answer any questions you may have and provide legal advice to help you during this difficult time.

There is never a fee for the initial consultation. Our compassionate team is dedicated to protecting your rights and helping you move forward with your life.

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