Nursing home abuse can take on many different forms. It’s critical to know all of the potential signs of abuse, spanning physical abuse, financial abuse, neglect and more.

You can be an advocate for your loved one by speaking up. You can stop the cycle of abuse.

Physical Abuse

Bruises – If a caretaker forcefully grabs or restrains residents, you may notice unexplained bruising.

Broken/ Fractured Bones – If a caregiver physically abuses or restrains a resident, broken bones may occur.


Emotional Abuse

Depression/ Withdrawal – You may notice your loved one is upset, anxious and does not like to participate in activities he or she once enjoyed. He or she may be uncommunicative.

Changes in Eating/ Sleeping Patterns – Your loved one may have abrupt changes in in eating and sleeping patterns, such as eating less and having trouble sleeping.



Lack of Personal Hygiene – If a caregiver neglects to help your loved one with basic hygiene needs, you may notice lack of dental care or lack of bathing.

Unsanitary Living Conditions – You may notice your loved one does not have clean clothing or bedding that are required.


Sexual Abuse

Unexplained Infections – The presence of genital infections or STDs are often indicative of sexual abuse.

Torn/ Stained Clothing – You may notice torn clothing or abnormal blood on clothing, which is a cause of concern.


Financial Abuse

Changes in Bank Accounts – You may notice money missing from accounts, or unusual charges.

Missing Money – You may notice that cash and credit cards are stolen.

Missing Possessions –You may notice missing jewelry and valuables.


Most Cases of Abuse Are Not Reported, Leaving Loved Ones to Suffer in Silence

1 in 10 elders will be abused in their lifetimes

Only 1 in 14 cases of abuse are ever reported

 Know the Signs. Be a Voice for Your Loved Ones

It is important to always look for signs of abuse. If you think something is wrong, trust your instincts and contact an experienced Kansas City nursing home abuse attorney.

Get the Justice Your Loved Ones Deserve

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