6 Sneaky Tricks Insurance Companies Use To Avoid Paying Policy Holders

6 Sneaky Tricks Insurance Companies Use To Avoid Paying Policy Holders

Before filing a claim following an accident, it’s important to be aware that the insurance company’s goal is always to bring in as much money as possible through premiums, then pay as little out as possible through claims. Claim adjusters often use several questionable tactics to deny your claim, reduce your claim’s potential value, or create complications in your case. Awareness will help you be prepared to deal with their questions and protect your rights. Below, we broke down six of the most common tricks used by insurance companies and their claims adjusters to hurt your case or deny valid claims.

  1. They Act Like They Care. 

If you file a claim on your insurance policy after an accident, you can expect to get a call from the insurance company claims adjuster. It’s important to know before they call that they are very friendly, but don’t be fooled. The adjuster will express concern and ask you how you are doing. Their kindness is often an act and part of their employee training. Adjusters use this trick to take advantage of policy holder’s vulnerabilities during an emotional time. They believe that they can get more information to use against you by being sympathetic and understanding. Just remember, the insurance company is always trying to pay as little as possible. By pretending to be friendly and have your best interests in mind, they may get away with it.


  1. They Try To Use Your Own Words Against You.

Another common trick insurance companies utilize is taking your comments and using them against you to deny or reduce how much they offer. An insurance adjuster may ask for permission to record your call for details of what happened. Anything you say can be construed as contradictory and will likely be used against you. Adjusters are trained to look for any signs of “admissions of liability” or “acts inconsistent with” the claims your initially made. Even short conversations with insurers can be tricky. Even the most competent people fall into the traps of the insurance industry. For this reason, if you feel that you have a case, you should contact a lawyer to speak on your behalf and so that you don’t get tricked out of the money you need.


  1. They Try To Talk You Out Of Hiring An Attorney.

After an adjuster gains your trust, they may try to convince you that hiring a lawyer is a bad idea, often mentioning that you would have to share your settlement with them. However, what they fail to reveal is that your settlement will much larger with the help of a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer who has plenty of experience negotiating with insurance companies. Having a Kansas City car accident attorney on your side means the insurer can’t pay you for a fool. Your attorney will know all the insurance company tricks and fight to get the maximum compensation possible.


  1. They Request or Demand More Information.

Some of the more shady claims adjusters may tell you they can’t offer you a settlement until they get more information about the accident itself or your medical treatment. This trick may seem reasonable but remember. The insurance company is always looking for ways to blame you for the accident and not pay out your claim. The agents or adjusters often request your medical records so they can look for a pre-existing condition. This way, they can blame your current symptoms on that condition and minimize your settlement. You are not required to provide an insurance agent or adjuster with this information. If they request more information, tell them that the information they need can be found in the police report they received. If they still don’t budge, let them know you will need to speak with your attorney before giving further information.


  1. They Offer A Lowball Settlement. 

When dealing with the expenses following a car accident, you may feel desperate to get your hands on any compensation that you can get as soon as possible. Insurance companies play off of your need for payment when they offer you a settlement. However, it’s essential to know that you may be no longer eligible to recover compensation for any new medical expenses that occur once you sign a settlement offer. Since it may take a while for injuries to emerge after an accident, you may be signing away potential money for medical bills needed later on.


  1. They’ll Put You Off Or Ignore You Completely.

One of the more irritating methods that insurance companies use is stalling. The insurance agent may claim that your paperwork is still processing or that they are waiting on another department for more information. Some adjusters may even avoid you, thinking that you will go away. Their goal for doing so is to have you give up on your claim. And too often, this tactic works. If your agent or adjuster won’t provide information about your claim or get in touch with you, it’s crucial you don’t give up. Having an attorney on your side can ensure you don’t get ignored and get treated fairly.


An Experienced Kansas City Insurance Dispute Lawyer Will Protect Your Rights 

Until your claim has been disputed, denied, or underpaid, you never fully understand the hardship an insurance dispute can cause. If you have placed your trust in an insurance company, only to see that trust abused, the Goss Law Firm is ready to help. Give us a call today at 816-888-5000 to schedule a free, no-risk legal consultation.