Missouri High Schools Encouraged to Take Part in Driving Safety Competition

Missouri High Schools Encouraged to Take Part in Driving Safety Competition

Did you know that Missouri high schools can sign up to be part of the Missouri Department of Transportation It Only Takes One Campaign?

This year’s campaign is aimed at promoting seat belt safety. The message behind the campaign is that it only takes one distraction to cause a fatal crash, but one click of your seat belt could save lives.

Schools are encouraged to create their own campaigns and PSA videos to educate others and bring awareness to the campaign. The schools with the best campaigns will be awarded grant funding.

Why Is it Important to Get Involved?

Teen drivers are at the highest risk for car accidents than any other age group, and nearly 50% of drivers who do not wear seat belts are killed in car accidents. Therefore, educating teens about the importance of driving safety and wearing a seat belt is incredibly important.

How Many Missouri Teens Are Killed in Accidents? 

According to the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety, here are some alarming statistics about teen drivers in our state.

  • 688 teens were killed or seriously injured in car accidents in 2017
  • 70% of teen car accident fatalities were not wearing a seat belt in 2017.
  • The seat belt usage rate among teens is 74%, which is less than the national average.

Why Should You Always Wear a Seat Belt?

Wearing a seat is one of the most effective actions you can take to protect yourself. It is proven that seat belts reduce the risk of fatal injury by 45% and reduce the risk of non-fatal injury by 50%.

Without a seat belt, you are 30x more likely to be thrown out of the vehicle from the impact of the crash. Tragically, 75% of people who are ejected from a vehicle are killed.

How Can Your School Enter the Competition? 

Click the link here to sign up. Registration ends on September 30. The competition will begin on October 1 and run through the duration of the school year.

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