New Bill Could Repeal Mandatory Motorcycle Helmet Law

New Bill Could Repeal Mandatory Motorcycle Helmet Law

Missouri lawmakers are supporting a piece of legislation that would repeal the mandatory motorcycle helmet law. If this bill is signed by Governor Parson, motorcycle drivers who are over the age of 18 and have medical insurance can choose not to wear a helmet.

Supporters of the bill believe riders should have the freedom to decide to wear a helmet or not. However, those opposing the bill are concerned that repealing the law will lead to more motorcycle accidents and fatalities.

These serious, potentially fatal accidents can be devastating to Missouri families, and could substantially increase medical costs.

Motorcycle Helmet Statistics

According to the National Safety Council, a helmet is the most important protective equipment that a motorcyclist can wear. With high risks for serious injuries and fatalities, helmets can help protect against serious, often life-threatening brain injuries if an accident occurs.

The National Safety Council recommends that even if your state does not have a universal helmet law, motorcyclists should always wear one for their safety.

Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Due to various factors, such as the open structure of a motorcycle and level of skill required to ride safely, riding a motorcycle can be extremely dangerous. In fact, motorcyclists are 28x more likely to be killed in an accident than a passenger in a car.

The statistics about motorcycle accident fatalities are alarming, yet evidence that helmets can help reduce injuries and save lives is important to recognize.

Wearing a Helmet Can Reduce Injuries and Save Lives 

While there are many other important safety factors to consider, such as proper training and wearing protective clothing, wearing a helmet is a critical safety component.

If the mandatory motorcycle helmet law is repealed, Missouri motorcyclists should consider all of the facts and hopefully continue to wear a helmet while driving to protect themselves and potentially save their own lives.

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