New Technology to Keep Students Safe On and Off School Buses

New Technology to Keep Students Safe On and Off School Buses

With school around the corner, soon millions of children across the country will be taking the bus to and from school. Parents expect that bus drivers will drive responsibly to ensure their children are safe, but unfortunately, accidents can occur.

As distracted driving incidents increase, drivers of other vehicles on the road may not stop for buses, or see children running to catch the bus.

Technology companies are addressing this issue head-on by developing technology systems that help send real-time warnings to help prevent accidents and save lives.

Technology Preventing Accidents

The Safe Fleet Company has created technology that should proactively warn of imminent accidents. The device helps to detect a dangerous situation ahead of time.

Leveraging artificial intelligence with radar technology, the Predictive Stop Arm (PSA) is a proprietary device that is capable of determining the speed and distance of another vehicle.

It utilizes predictive analytics in order to determine whether a vehicle is going to stop in time in time and if not, it will send out an audible and visual warning to alert both the bus driver and the children outside of the bus that they should refrain from crossing the street.

In addition to the Predictive Stop Arm, Safe Fleet has also developed a Right-Hand Danger Zone protection system. The system is capable of tracking the movements of kids within a certain perimeter, and supply visual warnings to the bus driver when there is a present risk.

The PSA is currently being tested within five different locations across the country.
The Safe Fleet Company hopes that its software prevents injuries and saves lives by increasing driver performance, improving outside safety and optimizing fleet operations management.

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