The Music You’re Listening to Could Impact Your Driving

The Music You’re Listening to Could Impact Your Driving

Whether listening to the latest pop hits or a recap of the game, many people turn to the radio or use apps on their phones for company when behind the wheel of a car. Without music or talk to entertain them, sometimes the drive – and the silence – can prove quite monotonous. But while listening to music can make your ride more enjoyable, it may also influence your safety. Depending upon your taste in music, you may be less safe than you even realize.

Most of us do not think about listening to music as distracted driving, though it is. That’s because it has become widely accepted by both drivers and passengers. According to an Edison Research study, 90 percent of people listen to some type of music in their vehicle while driving.

Not only can listening to music help to cure boredom, but it can also reduce the stress and anxiety often associated with being stuck in traffic. Certain types of music have even been shown to improve focus and concentration. However, this is not true for all music – especially loud music.

Is Your Taste in Music Dangerous?

Listening to music can also increase your risk when driving.  According to a study by Memorial University in Newfoundland, scientists found that listening to loud music can slow reaction time by up to 20 percent. Keep this in mind: the middle volume of a standard music player is about 94 decibels (dB), while a power lawnmower has a volume of about 95 dB. Can you imagine driving with a power lawnmower in your ear? Well, studies show you pretty much do.

In fact, the volume of music in cars commonly reaches 100 dB. What’s really scary is that 93 percent of new drivers, who lack experience, play loud music while behind the wheel.

Even more fascinating is that scientists at South China University of Technology found that drivers who listen to higher tempo songs are more likely to drive erratically and about 5 mph over the speed limit.

Additionally, those in the study who listened to rock music changed lanes twice as much as those who listened to other music.

If you’re wondering which music you should avoid, check out Moneybarn’s list of safe and dangerous songs to drive to. Green Day’s ‘American Idiot,’ tops the list as the most dangerous, with the safest song to drive to being Led Zeppelin‘s Stairway to Heaven.’

How Can You Listen to Music and Focus on Driving Safely?

Although not all of us listen to rock music, it has been shown that listening to the music that you most enjoy is most distracting, as you are paying greater attention to listening and less attention to watching the road. It is also important to note that any time you physically change the music that you are listening to (e.g. turn the radio station, change a song on your phone) you are also becoming physically distracted. When music is really loud, it can overpower the sound of horns and sirens, causing auditory distractions.

Although most of us cannot see ourselves turning off the radio completely, it is important that we listen at a lower volume and pay close attention to the road around you. With fewer distractions, we can all be safer.

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