The Top Tricks Insurance Companies Use to Deny Your Claim   

The Top Tricks Insurance Companies Use to Deny Your Claim  

Getting into a car accident is stressful enough, and the aftermath of an accident can be incredibly overwhelming to handle on your own. Many drivers reach out to insurance companies after an accident, only to be met with added aggravation, a lack of assistance, and ultimately low settlements that barely cover their medical bills and place their futures in jeopardy.

In fact, it’s important to keep in mind that insurance companies are concerned with making a profit, which is why they often low-ball your claim. On the other hand, an experienced car accident lawyer is here to help ensure you receive the maximum compensation you deserve for your medical bills, missed time from work and pain and suffering.

But what tricks that insurance companies will use to deny your claim? Let’s take a closer look at how insurance companies work.

They act as an ally.

When people seek help from an adjuster, they hope that they will be kind and compassionate. However, it is important to keep in mind that no matter how concerned they may appear to be, they work for the insurance company. This means that they want to minimize your claim and save their employer money.

They use your own words against you.

Adjusters often make it seem as though you are required to tell them exactly what happened. But they also ask your permission to record your statement. It is important that you do not provide this permission and explain that you want your attorney present. Keep in mind that whatever you say will be used against you. They may attempt to coerce you into an admission of guilt – or something that they can frame as such.

They try to talk you out of hiring an attorney.

Adjusters will often make it seem as though hiring an attorney is a bad idea. However, because personal injury attorneys are skilled negotiators who know what a case is actually worth, the adjuster is merely attempting to decrease the amount of money in your pocket. 

They request all of your medical records.

Although it seems somewhat reasonable that the insurance company needs your medical records, the real reason for the request is often to discover a pre-existing condition that they can leverage to minimize your damages.

They offer money if you sign.

Another seemingly reasonable tactic insurance companies use is to offer you a payment if you agree to sign a release. However, once you sign that release you may no longer sue them in the future for any new medical expenses. The problem with this agreement is that many injuries – sometimes serious – do not show up immediately after an accident. Injuries such as those to the brain or soft tissue may take a while to discover, therefore preventing you from recovery for those damages. In addition, it is difficult to evaluate the full extent of your injuries and the treatment you will need until after you have started treatment. The insurance companies know this, and are only trying to minimize your claim, which is incredibly dangerous for your health and recovery process.

They continuously put you off.

Unfortunately, one of the most frustrating tactics that insurance companies will use to deny your claim is to continuously delay taking any actions at all. You may be told that the paperwork is still processing or that an adjuster will return your call, but really what they are hoping for is that you will simply throw in the towel on pursuing your claim.

 They watch you.

 As odd as it may seem, sometimes an insurance company will actually hire an investigator to spy on you, looking to see if your physical activities and actions align with your claim. For instance, there have been cases in which someone claims a severe back injury but was seen rock-climbing. However, if you only claim your damages honestly, you have little to worry about.

They “play” doctor.

 Sometimes adjusters try to pretend they have a medical license, informing you that some of the treatments that you received for your injuries were unnecessary and will therefore not approve it. However, it is imperative that you remember that making medical decisions is the right of your doctor – not your adjuster.

 They deny their insured’s liability.

Another trick insurance companies will use to deny your claim is to deny the liability of their insured. Therefore, they will do their best to place the blame on anyone else – even a third party.

After an Accident, Don’t Go Up Against The Insurance Companies Alone 

As mentioned, after a serious accident, you need someone who is truly on your side. The insurance companies are not concerned with your recovery, they only want to increase their profits by giving you significantly less than what you deserve for your claim. But you have serious injuries and can’t risk not receiving enough to cover expensive medical bills and missed time from work. A skilled car accident lawyer will thoroughly investigate your claim, evaluate the full extent of your injuries and other damages, and fight to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve – and can move forward with your life.

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