Tips Drivers and Pedestrians Need to Know to Prevent Accidents

Tips Drivers and Pedestrians Need to Know to Prevent Accidents

The Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety will kick-off a Pedestrian Safety Awareness campaign next week. This week-long event, which will run from June 10-16, will help educate pedestrians and drivers alike to safely share the roads.

How Prevalent Are Pedestrian Accidents in Kansas City, Missouri?

According to data from the Kansas City police department, there were 360 pedestrian accidents last year. Tragically, 22 pedestrians were killed in accidents in 2018.

What Are the Main Causes of Pedestrian Accidents?

While there are many causes of pedestrian accidents, these three factors are major concerns that must be addressed.

1) Failure to Yield

Unfortunately, drivers fail to yield to pedestrians when they have the right of way, and will not stop, which can cause serious, even fatal accidents.

2) Alcohol and Drug Use

Nearly 50% of fatal pedestrian crashes are caused by alcohol use, either by the driver or pedestrian.

3) Distractions

With drivers more distracted than ever before, drivers are not able to fully pay attention to their surroundings, and may not see pedestrians and fail to stop. Pedestrians often are looking down at their phones while walking, which significantly increases the risks of an accident.

Pedestrian Accident Statistics

What Can Pedestrians Do to Be Safe?

  • Avoid talking or looking at your phone while walking
  • Always cross at crosswalks
  • Don’t cross until the intersection is clear
  • Wear bright, reflective clothing at night

What Can Drivers Do to Be Safe?

  • Avoid distracted driving, always stay alert
  • Look out for pedestrians
  • Yield to pedestrians when they have the right of way
  • Be careful driving at night

We hope that by following these tips, you and your loved ones can stay safe, whether as a driver, passenger or pedestrian.

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