Tips To Prevent a Car Breakdown

Tips To Prevent a Car Breakdown

Many collisions happen on the road because of intoxicated drivers, distracted driving, and bad weather conditions. However, did you know that poor vehicle maintenance is another reason that accidents occur? Vehicle maintenance is essential to road safety. Car owners must responsibly maintain their vehicles to ensure their occupants’ safety and others on the road. Putting off regular care of a car can result in serious personal injury accidents or death. The following tips can play a significant role in your safety on the road:

  1. Keep Up with Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is crucial. If you don’t take your vehicle in for servicing, any problems you may have will be more dangerous and costly down the road. Most people bury their faces in their hands when their mechanic tells them that they need to replace parts. However, they are the experts, and car owners should listen to their advice.

  1. Keep the Engine’s Oil Topped Up

The oil stops heat and friction building up within your engine and allows all moving parts to work correctly. When your engine oil light comes on, it’s critical that you pull over and check for any leaks. Additionally, consider keeping engine oil on hand so you can top it off immediately and avoid breaking down.

  1. Drive with Care

The way you drive has an impact on your car’s health. Being reckless can cause unnecessary wear and tear, making it more susceptible to breaking down. For example, if you rev your car engine in the cold weather, as this causes a rapid temperature change within your engine and damages components. Additionally, you should avoid hard starts and stops, as your brake pads and rotors will wear down faster. You should also avoid riding your clutch as this will wear down the bearings, which are essential for keeping your clutch working. Lastly, don’t hit the brakes while you drive downhill. This is known as ‘dragging,’ and it causes significant strain and heat build-up on your braking system.

  1. Avoid Overloading Your Car

Beware of putting too much weight on your car. Overloading your vehicle can make it unstable, impact its braking system, and lead to a breakdown.

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