What to Do After a Hit-and-Run in Missouri

What to Do After a Hit-and-Run in Missouri

Hit-and-run accidents happen instantly and can quickly turn your life upside down. Suffering injuries and damages from the impact of an accident is enough of a burden to bear, but when the at-fault driver flees the scene, it adds a whole new level of stress.

In Missouri, hit-and-run laws state that if a driver causes a hit-and-run accident and only causes property damage, they are liable for damages and charged with a misdemeanor. However, if the accident results in bodily harm or fatalities, the driver is responsible for all damages and medical bills and may be fined up to $5,000 and spend up to four years in prison.

To ensure that your case is brought to justice and you receive the compensation you need, there are three crucial steps you must complete after your accident.

3 Things to Do After a Hit-and-Run in Missouri

The trauma of a hit-and-run accident could leave you confused and helpless. Still, taking action is crucial, even if it’s just a few simple steps. Here are three things you must do after a hit-and-run accident in Missouri:

1. Call The Police 

Your first call after a hit-and-run accident should be for emergency services. An officer will meet you on the scene and ask you for any information about the vehicle that struck you, such as the make, model, and license plate. Officers usually investigate hit-and-runs in Missouri since it’s considered a serious offense.

2. Assess The Damage

 Make sure you are stopped in a safe area before you survey the damage to your car. Take photos and videos to strengthen your hit-and-run accident claim to your insurance company. If your vehicle was totaled and is being towed, be sure to ask where it is going.

3. Notify Your Insurance Company

Contact your insurance company to file a claim on your policy. An agent should walk you through the claims process, the coverage available in your policy, and what information is needed for the next steps. However, you must be extra careful with your insurance adjuster.

It is critical to communicate with your insurance adjuster with great caution since insurance companies are determined to minimize policyholders’ claims and pay out as little as possible. To achieve this, insurance adjusters try to reduce your claim by manipulating the information you share with them and attempting to make you seem at fault for your accident. This is why the representation of a skilled car accident attorney with experience taking on insurance companies is so crucial.

Our Compassionate Car Accident Attorneys Are Here to Help You 

Enduring a hit-and-run accident could be blindsiding and feel incredibly isolating – but you are not alone. With the experienced accident attorneys at The Goss Law Firm by your side, we will bring your hit-and-run case to justice. In addition, we’ll protect your rights as we work with your insurance company to secure the compensation you need and deserve.

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