When Should You Call a Lawyer is You Suspect Nursing Home Abuse?

When Should You Call a Lawyer is You Suspect Nursing Home Abuse?

Though difficult to talk about, nursing home abuse and neglect are a stark reality for many. Sadly, sometimes staff members at nursing homes, assisted living centers, and other facilities do the unthinkable: they cause harm to the very same seniors whom they were entrusted to protect.

Nursing home abuse comes in many different forms. It includes:

  • Physical violence
  • Emotional harm
  • Financial harm
  • Sexual molestation
  • Neglect

Any of these types of abuse can lead to serious consequences such as physical injury or impairment, emotional harm, financial harm, or sometimes even death.

Call a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney As Soon As You Suspect Abuse

As horrific as nursing home abuse is, there are people who can help. When you believe that your loved one has suffered or is even still suffering from nursing home abuse, it’s imperative that you not only file a report with the local police, but also call a qualified Missouri nursing home abuse lawyer who has experience with the same or similar type of nursing home abuse cases as soon as possible.

By reporting your case of abuse to an attorney sooner rather than later, you can help to better preserve evidence, which undoubtedly fades more and more with time.

Experienced nursing home abuse attorneys have the knowledge to know how to best help these specific victims of abuse. When you meet with a nursing home abuse lawyer, he or she will often discuss the specifics surrounding the allegations, the history of care for the victim, and the victim’s faculties.

If he or she takes on the case and files a lawsuit for nursing home abuse, he or she must prove the following:

  1. The nursing home had a legal duty of care for the resident-victim;
  2. The nursing home failed to meet that duty, harming the resident; and
  3. The resident suffered serious, long-term or even permanent injuries as a result of the harm.

By seeking the right nursing home abuse attorney, you will be better able to focus on helping your loved one to heal/improve. Additionally, most nursing home abuse attorneys work on a contingency basis, which means that you don’t have to pay them unless they secure compensation for you.

The Goss Law Firm Is Here to Protect Your Loved Ones 

Abuse of any kind is never acceptable, but abuse of those within our most vulnerable populations is even more egregious. Once you suspect abuse, you should call an experienced Kansas City Nursing Home Abuse Attorney immediately.

If you or a loved one has suffered abuse or neglect while in a nursing home, those involved should be held responsible under the law. At the Goss Law Firm, we will fight to hold all wrongdoers accountable for their actions (and inactions). To learn more or to schedule a FREE consultation, call the Goss Law Firm at 816-527-8658 today.