Speak to Your Children This Teen Driving Awareness Month

Speak to Your Children This Teen Driving Awareness Month

Getting your license and driving a car by yourself for the first time is something of a rite of passage. Most teenagers cannot wait for the day when they are legally able to get behind the wheel. But while a feeling of excitement marks the occasion, this time is often marred by tragedy.

Car crashes are the number one cause of death for teenagers in the U.S.  Missouri is no stranger to teen driving accidents, as it recently ranked as the third-worst state for teen driving in the nation.

As January is National Teen Driving Awareness Month, we want to help educate parents about the risk factors for teens and what teens can do to be more responsible, safer drivers.

Car Crash Risk Factors for Teens

Although many of the risk factors are commonly the same no matter the age, teens face increased risk factors. Additionally, teens are often facing distraction-based risks. Such distractions include:

  • Text messaging
  • Talking on the phone
  • Navigating GPS
  • Changing music
  • Talking with passengers
  • Using phone to go on social media
  • Taking pictures

When it comes to car accidents among teens, there are four common factors that make them more susceptible. These include:

  • Inexperience
  • Speeding
  • Night driving
  • Drinking

What Can Teens Do to Be Safer Drivers?

There are many simple, yet critical actions teens can take to help reduce the odds of being involved in an accident and save more lives. These include:

  • Always wearing a seatbelt
  • Not using a cell phone while driving
  • Taking driver’s education courses
  • Obeying speed limits
  • Keeping both hands on the wheel at all times
  • Abiding by a curfew and thus limiting nighttime driving
  • Practice

Speak to Your Teens Today 

The implementation of all or even any of the above can help to ensure the safety and security of our teenagers. Speak with your teens today and have an open conversation about driving safety and risk factors.

No parent should ever experience the pain and tragedy of a child never returning home after a car accident. Speaking with your teen about your care and concern can help them understand that getting behind the wheel is a great responsibility.  Talking about steps they can take to be safer drivers, and knowing you are there for them, can make all the difference.

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